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Will the New Africa be Inclusive? Online SID-Washington Chapter Event

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The SID-Washington Chapter invites us to be online at this event, that is held live at DAI in Bethesda. Register here:

Moderated discussion offering diverse perspectives on whether the rapid GDP growth rates being experienced in a number of African countries will lead to an inclusive society and shared growth or further polarization between rich and poor.

Panel members will explore how/whether those African countries that have gained a place in the top rank of global GDP growth over the past five years can sustain high growth and at the same time avoid a worsening split between, on the one hand, a progressively more prosperous, well-educated middle class and business community, and, on the other hand, a large mass of rural and, increasingly, urban poor who do not participate in this growth process, remain marginalized, and are trapped in poverty. Can Africa's top performers extend the benefits of growth in a way that includes the poor, creates jobs for their rapidly growing population, and delivers opportunity as well as basic needs for everyone? What are the key requirements to chart and pursue this path?

Following a welcome from Jean Gilson, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Marketing Group, DAI, a short powerpoint presentation by DAI staff will set the stage by highlighting key facts and figures on growth and inclusion in the "New Africa" top performers. We will also have a Video Message from SID East Africa Managing Director, Katindi Sivi-Njonjo. The moderator will then lead the panel in a discussion organized around a set of guiding questions. This "armchair style" discussion will be followed by Q&A with the audience and a wine-and-cheese reception.


Moderator: Kristi Ragan, Chief of Party, USAID Grand Challenges for Development Project

NGO Perspective: Gawain Kripke, Oxfam

Investor Perspective: Eniola Mafe, Niger Delta Partnership Initiative (Chevron)

Donor Perspective: USAID Growth Advisor for Gender (invitation extended) Economist: David Robinson, Deputy Director, African Department, International Monetary Fund