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Transforming the Production and Use of Knowledge as a Key to Sustainable Development

30. März 2021 - 9:06
By Niko Schäpke and Ioan Fazey To shift global development to a sustainable and resilient path, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the2030 Agenda call for far-reaching transformations. In this endeavor, the use and generation of knowledge has an important role to play in shaping the direction, form and distribution of development. This is why …
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Why Does Climate Adaptation End Up Repeating, Rather Than Rethinking, Old Development Mistakes?

9. März 2021 - 9:46
By Siri Eriksen, Marianne Mosberg, Benard Muok, Katharine Vincent, Lisa Schipper, Morgan Scoville-Simonds Climate change requires rethinking development. Yet, in the (understandable) rush to support adaptation, this has taken place within the structures and process of existing development paradigms. As a consequence, similar to well-known critiques of the development architecture, many adaptation-interventions reproduce both the …
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Why Has the Agadir Agreement Failed?

2. März 2021 - 8:40
By Christos Kourtelis Signed in Rabat, Morocco on February 25th 2004, the Agadir Agreement (AA) is a Free Trade Agreement between Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan with the aim of coordinating sectoral policies and approximating legislation to better foster intraregional trade. However, when re-evaluating the performance of the agreement, it becomes clear that it has …
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COVID-19 and the Economic Stories of our Time

23. Februar 2021 - 9:48
By Simon Mair What is the economy? Speaking to the NGO Our Economy, one interviewee described the economy as “a giant blob or mass that feels like it has its own consciousness.” In popular and academic discussion of the economy it can seem like we’re talking about a child or pet that we have to …
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Why Read the Human Development Reports of the UNDP?

9. Februar 2021 - 8:58
By Juan Telleria For more than 10 years, I have been researching the Human Development Reports (HDR) that the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has published since 1990. Many people told me that the Human Development paradigm was outdated, and that the Millennium Declaration (2000) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2015) eclipsed the …
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Teaching in a Fast-Changing Environment – The Case of Development Studies

29. Januar 2021 - 10:50
By Basile Boulay Following years of austerity budgets and a fast-growing managerial culture within academia, social sciences and humanities have been under growing pressure for some time.  Simultaneously, the assumptions behind the teaching and research of entire disciplines have been heavily criticized , giving rise to movements -often supported by students- calling for wide academic …
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Youth, Citizenship and African Governance

13. Januar 2021 - 8:57
By Jesper Barnesen, Kajsa Adu Halberg, Cristiano Lanzano, Henning Melber and Patience Mususa Citizenship plays an increasingly important role in governance at a time when globalisation and population mobility have shifted the context of belonging. As a legal status associated with national identity, citizenship is both negotiated and contested. The often-synonymous use of the terms …
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