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Youth, Citizenship and African Governance

13. Januar 2021 - 8:57
By Jesper Barnesen, Kajsa Adu Halberg, Cristiano Lanzano, Henning Melber and Patience Mususa Citizenship plays an increasingly important role in governance at a time when globalisation and population mobility have shifted the context of belonging. As a legal status associated with national identity, citizenship is both negotiated and contested. The often-synonymous use of the terms …
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Behind the Scenes: The Strong Voice of Pacific Women in Climate Negotiations

16. Dezember 2020 - 8:42
By George Carter and Elise Howard Women from Pacific Island countries have long been strategic and decisive leaders in climate negotiations, yet their stories are relatively unknown.  Our recent work explores women’s leadership at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in the making of the Paris Agreement 2015. We provide a snapshot …
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Hidden Hands of the City: How the Pandemic Unveiled the Systematic Neglect of Indian Migrant Workers

1. Dezember 2020 - 10:27
By Nitya Rao, Ayesha Pattnaik, Arundhita Bhanjdeo and Nivedita Narain India’s national lockdown announced on March 24th, 2020 came into force 12 hours later. Within a few days, the big story emerging from across Indian cities was of inter-state migrant workers, stranded in cities without work, money or food. With no public transport, many started …
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How Can Cevelopment Cooperation Be More Sensitive To Power Relations?

24. November 2020 - 11:34
By Tim Kornprobst and Anna Schwachula Ever since development cooperation began in the 1950s, it has fallen under suspicion of upholding colonial conditions. Proponents of post-development theories therefore stress that the concept of development cooperation is problematic in the way it divides the world into “developed” countries on the one hand and “less developed” countries …
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How Moving (Academic) Conferences Online Could Help Address Social Injustices

10. November 2020 - 8:51
By Dennis Penu | EADI/ISS Blog Series Curtailing the movement of people around the world in a bid to control and eventually stop the spread of Covid-19 has forced many, including academics, to gather online. A recent online conference of the European Consortium for Political Research I attended shows that such conferences can not only be …
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The 2030 turn in German Development Policy – An Opportunity to Fundamentally Challenge Global Inequalities?

27. Oktober 2020 - 10:09
By Tanja Verena Matheis and Adrian Schlegel Amidst the ongoing pandemic, the reorientation of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development with regard to international development policy and cooperation has gone almost unnoticed in the media. In the context of their “reform concept 2030”, the policy-makers identify five “megatrends” – demographic change, the shortage …
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Trade Reproduces International Inequalities

6. Oktober 2020 - 9:44
By Christian Dorninger, Anke Schaffartzik, and Hanspeter Wieland Through international trade, richer countries do not merely generate a monetary trade surplus, but also appropriate international resources and labour from poorer countries. While this allows high consumption standards, economic growth, and the simultaneous protection of domestic natural resources in some countries, more land for mining and …
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