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C20 Indonesian Leaders Shared Why C20’s Independence is a Must

2. November 2022 - 14:32

C20 Asia Forum’s consolidation meeting on October 31, 2022, became a momentum for Asian civil society organizations (CSOs) to present and share lessons learned preparing the upcoming G20 Indonesia Summit, 2023 G20 India Presidency, 2023 G7 Japan Presidency, and ASEAN Summit in 2023.

The meeting started by C20 Sherpa Ah Maftuchan expressing his condolences and prayers over the deadly Itaewon tragedy. He also stated that C20 Indonesia leaders committed to playing a role in the C20 India Presidency 2023 as Troika.

Ahead of the G20 Summit on November 15-16, 2022, he said that C20 Indonesia leaders actively communicated with G20 member countries, and G20 invited countries to send Communique and Policy Pack. 

“We are currently sending Communique and Policy Pack to all G20 member countries through their embassies in Jakarta and policy pack to invitees’ countries as well as the international organizations. We also requested to meet with the G20 delegates who will attend the G20 Leaders 15-16 November 2022 in Bali. The C20 Indonesia Presidency will also hold several side events on November 13-14, 2022 in Bali,” said Maftuchan.

C20 Chair Sugeng Bahagijo also shared C20’s journey in the past one year. He shared that the C20 engagement process officially started by a Kick-Off meeting in March, continued with a Policy Dialogue with the government in July, a follow-up expert meeting in August, C20 Pre-Summit Virtual Roadshow and People’s Caravan in September, and C20 Summit in October.

“C20 has been working for more than eight months, starting with a survey in October 2021 to decide who will be actively participating in C20 and resulting in seven working groups, more than fifty meetings and press conferences were also conducted,” he explained. Sugeng also emphasized that C20 has used an inclusive, open, and participatory method along the process, which means everyone can join and voice their aspirations.

Concretely, three achievements of C20 Indonesia 2022 Presidency were mentioned by Sugeng. “First, we have a huge participation of national and international CSOs. Second, we have succeeded in maintaining a tradition of independence in decision-making.Third, the result of our work (policy pack and communique) was accepted by the government at the C20 Summit,”

According to him, the next challenge will be how to maintain independence in the C20 India 2023 Presidency. “This independence should be continued to the Indian presidency. We have a tradition written officially on the C20 Principles document, which can be downloaded from our website,” he added.

C20 Steering Committee Binny Buchori stressed why C20’s independence is a must and shared how Indonesia’s presidency could be an example. “Independence for C20 as an official engagement group of G20 should be guaranteed, respected, and honored. During the Indonesian Presidency, the Government of Indonesia never interfered with the work of C20. C20 has all the freedom to establish its governance, expand its membership and develop the C20 policy pack. C20, without any interference from the Government of Indonesia, was able to hold various consultancies at international, national and sub-national levels,” she said.

Finally, C20 Indonesia leaders hope that the presidency’s transition process goes well and can ensure the meaningful involvement and participation of CSOs.


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