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Civil Society 20 is an official Engagement Group of the G20, providing a platform for Civil Society Organizations worldwide to bring forth a non-government, non-business voice. It is a space through which such organizations can contribute to the G20 in a structured, sustained manner.
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C20 Issues 2020 Final Report and Hands Over to Italian Civil Society for 2021

25. November 2020 - 14:06
Click Here to View the Final Report 2020On November 25th, the C20 Steering Committee, International Advisory Committee, and Working Groups' Leads met for their final meeting during the C20 Saudi Civil Society Presidency year in 2020. During the meeting, the C20 Chair and Co-Chair, as well as local civil society representatives, shared their appreciation for [...]
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C20 Chair Intervention-G20 Anti-Corruption Ministers Meeting

22. Oktober 2020 - 14:51
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C20 Summit Outcome: Civil Society Warns of Dire Fallout and Demands Reform

10. Oktober 2020 - 17:43
Civil Society Warns G20 of Dire Global Fallout & Demands Bold ReformsThe Civil 20 Virtual Summit has convened, with more than 30,000 attendees representing 109 countries, the biggest non-government organizations gathering in the G20 history, channeling their concerns and demands ahead of the G20 Virtual Leaders’ Summit next month.The Civil 20 Communiqué released during the [...]
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Day 4 Highlights of C20 Summit

9. Oktober 2020 - 20:57
Day 4 of the C20 Summit kicked off with distinguished panelists emphasizing the urgent need to reconfigure security from territorial and national notions to a paradigm that centers human needs and aspirations. The failure of the existing order which has been magnified by the global pandemic crises provides an opportunity to realise the salience of [...]
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Joint Statement with the L20: Action Needed for Debt Sustainability in Developing Countries

9. Oktober 2020 - 14:04
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Day 3 Highlights of C20 Summit

8. Oktober 2020 - 23:39
 In the unique session entitled “Young People Driving Global Governance and Local Action” we were fortunate to hear from youth on issues pertaining to the well-being of the planet they are going to inherit. This workshop hosted an interactive engagement with the audience where they posed their questions directly to panelists. This gave way for [...]
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Day 2 Highlights of C20 Summit

7. Oktober 2020 - 22:13
The C20 Summit attempted to tackle modern day slavery on the World Day for Decent Work and served as a pressing reminder of the need for a new social contract that provides social protection universally. The panel noted the C20 commitments on protecting women, as a large proportion of immigrant workers are women and have [...]
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Highlights of C20 Summit Day 1

6. Oktober 2020 - 22:32
Let's catch you up on what happened on Day 1 of the 2020 C20 Summit. The C20 Summit was inaugurated by a welcoming message by the C20 Chair Nouf Mohammed. Day one of the C20 Summit brought together a diverse and empowering group of women committed to the idea of reconceptualizing what it means to be an [...]
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C20 Communique 2020

6. Oktober 2020 - 14:44
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C20 Communique 2020

6. Oktober 2020 - 14:40
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C20 Releases Statement to Joint Finance-Health Ministers Meeting

11. September 2020 - 16:56
The Civil 20-a consortium of more than 850+ civil society organizations from more than 80 countries, that works on relaying the expert opinion of civil society to all G20 streams of work, just released a statement with 7 recommendations addressed to the upcoming G20 Joint Finance & Health Ministers Meeting:1) Invest in a Collaborative Global [...]
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C20 Statement to the G20 Joint Meeting of Ministers of Finance & Health

11. September 2020 - 13:08
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Civil Society Organizations

21. August 2020 - 19:52
The C20 surveyed 100 CSOs from across the world in the month of April, to investigate the impact ofthe crisis on CSOs operations. The results of the survey helped the C20 develop recommendations toG20 Leaders on improving the conditions for Civil Society Organizations locally and globally. For a fulllist of our recommendations please check our [...]
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C20 Joins G20 Engagement Groups in Calling on the G20 to Prioritize Education & Employment as Part of Global Pandemic Preparedness

17. August 2020 - 17:54
The C20 has issued a joint statement today in collaboration with the G20 Engagement Groups of B20, L20, T20, W20, and Y20, who are collectively calling for the prioritization of access to education and employment as part of global pandemic preparedness and response policy making. The statement strongly advocates for the expanded provision of social [...]
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