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Invest in development as an effective antidote for future crisis

19. Juli 2022 - 16:54
It is vital that much needed support for Ukraine does not come at the expense of funding international development, prevention, peace and resilience-building efforts, write Ulrika Modéer and Thomas Gass.
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The EU needs to be the driving force for the SDGs

13. Juli 2022 - 7:58
The European Union must be the driving force for reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals, where progress has come to a halt or has even been reversed. Tomas Tobé and Jessica Polfjärd explain how this can be achieved.
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Shining light on the EU’s new development bank

17. Juni 2022 - 7:36
The development arm of the European Investment Bank is expected to be instrumental to the success of the EU's Global Gateway project. So why then is there so little information about EIB Global's structure and mandate, ask Farwa Sial and Adrian Chikowor.
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Ukraine invasion pushed global refugee above 100 million, says UN

16. Juni 2022 - 5:52
The war in Ukraine has pushed the number of refugees across the world to more than 100 million, according to a new report published on Thursday (16 June). 
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