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“Recoupling”—New Global Solutions Journal presented

29. Mai 2018 - 12:41

At the GLOBAL SOLUTIONS Summit 2018 in Berlin Dennis J. Snower, President of the Global Solutions Initiative and of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, presented German Chancellor Angela Merkel with the first issue of a new journal. The Global Solutions Initiative hopes it will become a public arena for exchanging views on how to tackle the problems that cross national, social and political boundaries, a stage for global citizenship. Download the journal here.

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Livestream – Global Solutions Summit 2018 in Berlin

28. Mai 2018 - 8:35
The G20/G7 Think Tank Initiative for Global Governance

On 28/29 May 2018 in Berlin, the Global Solutions Summit will bring together leading think tanks from around the world, global policy-makers, business leaders and constructive NGOs with only one aim: to find solutions for global challenges.



GLOBAL SOLUTIONS was held for the first time on 29/30 May 2017 in Berlin as the official closing event of the German Think 20 Dialogue (T20). There, policy recommendations were developed for the decision-makers of the G20, which addressed aspects of the German G20 presidency such as the digital economy, climate policy, finance or migration and refugees.

Please see for more information.

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T20 Argentina: 49 policy briefs for global governance

4. April 2018 - 15:17
The Think 20 Task Forces have defined their agenda for 2018. This includes the number of policy briefs they will produce, the main topics of the study and the meetings they will have during the year.


The experts that make up the Task Forces met during the Inception Workshop: Vision and Strategies for 2018 at the start of February in Buenos Aires. After the initial launch, the groups defined their Program of Work of the T20 Argentina with information about the main topics, the meeting agenda and the number of policy briefs they will produce.

The topics

The specialists will develop 49 policy briefs on public policies that will present positions and data on the main topics of each Task Force.

1. The future of work for the digital age

  • New social contracts for the digital age
  • Global norms for new work relations in online platforms
  • Teaching and learning XXI century skills
  • Measuring the digital economy and its impact on labor
  • Education financing
  • Technology and economic development      

2. Climate Action and Infrastructure for Development

  • Infrastructure and climate action (with finance as the key element)
  • Carbon pricing and fossil fuel subsidies
  • Urban resilience  and climate action (with climate adaptation as the key element)
  • Infrastructure for sustainable mobility and economic development

3. Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

  • Articulating global food security needs with climate change considerations through trade
  • Articulating food security needs and their role in food security and nutrition
  • Food security and food waste and losses
  • Financing climate smart agriculture

4. Gender Economic Equity

  • Labor inclusion (focused on the care economy and entrepreneurship)
  • Financial inclusion
  • Digital inclusion
  • Rural Women
  • Gender Mainstreaming

5. Cooperation with Africa

  • Sustainable and inclusive growth
  • Political and social environment
  • Governance of G20 Africa cooperation
  • Monitoring G20 commitments

6. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

  • Sustainable finance
  • National implementation of the 2030 Agenda
  • Advancing G20´s commitment to a truly universal agenda for sustainable development

7. Trade, Investment and Tax Cooperation

  • Protectionism 2.0 and the global trading system (incl. excess capacity)
  • Mitigating the adjustment costs of trade and investment liberalization
  • Moving the investment (facilitation) agenda forward
  • Digital trade (incl. tax digitalization)
  • Tax competition
  • Tax expenditure and the treatment of tax incentives for investment

8. Social Cohesion, Global Governance and the Future of Politics

  • Current transformation in domestic politics and their implications for global governance
  • The challenges of social cohesion and inclusion for global governance
  • The interaction between international civil society and global governance institutions

9. An international financial architecture for stability and development

  • Coordination of monetary policies
  • Coordination of foreign exchange rates
  • Capital flow data gaps and financial disclosure
  • Strengthening the global safety net
  • MDBs and balance sheet optimization
  • Cryptoassets

10. Migration

  • Data needs to better understand migration processes and inform policy making
  • Children and adolescent migrants and their access to education
  • High skilled migrations
  • Migration, gender and care occupations
  • Regional agreements and the facilitation of orderly, safe and regular migration
  • Alternative learning pathways in a mobile world

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