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‘Warp speed’ technology must be ‘force for good’ UN chief tells web leaders

5. November 2018 - 23:32
Technological advances are happening “at a warp speed,” United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said on Monday in Lisbon, Portugal, as a major three-day Web Summit got underway.
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FROM THE FIELD: Green shoots of peace in South Sudan

5. November 2018 - 21:02
Some 5,000 seedlings of trees indigenous to South Sudan are being distributed to schools, sports centres and other public meeting places by the UN peacekeeping mission in the country, UNMISS, as part of its commitment to countering climate change.
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Saudi Arabia, China, among 14 nations under UN human rights spotlight: what you need to know

3. November 2018 - 1:20
The United Nation’s highest human rights body, the Human Rights Council (HRC), will start reviewing on Monday the track records of 14 countries, including Saudi Arabia and China. Here’s our UN News guide to how it works and why it matters.  
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More countries partner to target ‘zero hunger’ in global south

2. November 2018 - 17:30
More than 20 countries committed to a new declaration on agricultural and rural development on Friday, in a bid to stamp out poverty and hunger. The commitment came at the end of a forum on international development cooperation in Changsha, China.
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UN General Assembly renews long-standing call for end to US embargo against Cuba

1. November 2018 - 20:21
The United Nations General Assembly has overwhelmingly voted in favour of condemning the United States economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba - a call it has made every year since 1992.
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Nigeria: Awareness-raising radio show on perils and opportunities of migration, launched by UN agency

30. Oktober 2018 - 22:13
A radio series was launched on Tuesday in Nigeria by the UN migration agency (IOM) to sensitize vulnerable people seeking to pursue economic opportunities abroad on the perils of irregular migration – migration done outside the regulated frameworks – and provide information on pathways to migrate legally and safely.
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Those who produce food are among world’s hungriest – UN rights expert

24. Oktober 2018 - 15:57
Agricultural workers have the hardest time accessing food for themselves, and are often excluded from national labour and social protection frameworks, a United Nations independent human rights expert said on Tuesday.
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UN postal agency ‘regrets’ US withdrawal

18. Oktober 2018 - 22:18
The United Nations specialized agency which coordinates the global postal system, has expressed “regret” over the withdrawal by the United States from the world body’s membership.
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World population set to grow another 2.2 billion by 2050: UN survey

17. Oktober 2018 - 16:29
The world’s population is set to grow by 2.2 billion between now and 2050, the UN said on Wednesday, and more than half of that growth - 1.3 billion - is likely to be in sub-Saharan Africa, where women’s rights are hampered by limited access to healthcare and education, along with “entrenched gender discrimination”.
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World Food Day: here’s what the UN is doing to fix ‘intolerable’ wrong of hunger

16. Oktober 2018 - 21:20
“In our world of plenty, one person in nine does not have enough to eat”, said United Nations chief António Guterres on Tuesday, marking World Food Day. With this year’s theme, “our actions are our future”, the UN and its partners, held events and launched information campaigns worldwide, to amplify one message: achieving zero hunger by 2030 is possible, provided we “join forces”.
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Investing in rural women and girls, ‘essential’ for everyone’s future: UN chief

15. Oktober 2018 - 20:21
Marking International Day of Rural Women, on Monday, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called on countries to ensure that women and girls living in rural areas can enioy their human rights as this would enable making “progress for all”.
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Overseas investment falling, developing countries largely unscathed: UN trade agency

15. Oktober 2018 - 19:07
Foreign direct investment (FDI) has dropped 40 per cent year-on-year so far, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said on Monday, but the $470 million decline is happening mainly in wealthy, industrialized nations, especially in North America and Western Europe.
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Benefits of rural migration effect often overlooked, new UN report suggests

15. Oktober 2018 - 13:00
Agricultural policies should work to maximize the contributions of rural migration to economic and social development, while minimizing the costs, says a major new report released on Monday by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
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UN resolution paves way for mass use of driverless cars

10. Oktober 2018 - 23:32
A resolution to ensure the safe use of automated vehicles was passed at the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Global Forum on Road Traffic Safety in Geneva, on Wednesday.
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Start nurturing your mental health ‘at an early age’ urges UN chief

9. Oktober 2018 - 23:19
Worldwide, it is estimated that one in five adolescents experience mental health challenges, though most remain underdiagnosed and undertreated. Marking Mental Health Day on Wednesday, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) is focusing on the psychological well-being of young people aged 10 to 14, to stave off conditions that can impact their lives deep into adulthood.
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Cutting-edge tech a ‘double-edged sword for developing countries’: UN report

8. Oktober 2018 - 22:28
The latest technological advances, from artificial intelligence to electric cars, can be a “double-edged sword”, says the latest UN World Economic and Social Survey (WESS 2018), released on Monday.
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FROM THE FIELD: Comoros farmers battle climate change

8. Oktober 2018 - 22:26
Farmers in the Comoros islands are learning, with the support of the UN, to adapt to dramatic shifts in the climate which have contributed to the deterioration of agriculture across the Indian Ocean archipelago.
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In Chad, top UN officials say humanitarian response must go ‘hand in hand’ with longer-term recovery

8. Oktober 2018 - 1:26
Senior United Nations officials on Sunday called for stronger joint humanitarian and development interventions in Chad as the crisis-riven central African country as it tackles poverty, displacement, malnutrition, and lack of access to basic social services.
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UN-led tobacco control advocates denounce ‘increasingly vicious’ industry interference

4. Oktober 2018 - 20:42
Tobacco giants are adopting new ways and “disguises” to push their products, noxious both for people and the environment, and interfere with government efforts to regulate the sale and use of tobacco, the head of the Secretariat of the WHO FCTC, the United Nations-led tobacco control treaty, has told UN News.
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In Iraq, UN welcomes designation of new Prime Minister, calls for ‘truly representative’ new cabinet

3. Oktober 2018 - 18:01
The United Nations Special Representative for Iraq, Ján Kubiš, on Wednesday, welcomed the designation of a new Prime Minister, Adel Abdel-Mahdi, and urged political leaders to promote women’s meaningful representation in politics.
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