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5 world-changing ideas: our top picks for World Creativity and Innovation Day

20. April 2019 - 19:00
A low-cost, tiny home that provides everything you need. A boat made of recycled plastic and flip-flops. Vaccine-delivery drones… As the planet marks World Creativity and Innovation Day on Sunday, we’ve selected our favorite ideas to light up the way to a better future for all, across several sectors.
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Stress, overtime, disease, contribute to 2.8 million workers’ deaths per year, reports UN labour agency

18. April 2019 - 15:01
Stress, excessively-long working hours and disease, contribute to the deaths of nearly 2.8 million workers every year, while an additional 374 million people get injured or fall ill because of their jobs, the UN labour agency, ILO, said on Thursday.
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Turn toxic e-waste into a source of ‘decent work’, UN labour agency urges 

17. April 2019 - 17:00
A “toxic flood of electric and electronic waste” that is growing by the day across the world, should be urgently converted into a source of decent work, that can also protect populations from its harmful effects, the United Nations labour agency said on Wednesday. 
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‘Critical moment’ for sustainable development, UN chief tells major financing forum

15. April 2019 - 19:52
“Uneven growth, rising debt levels, possible upticks in financial volatility, and heightened global trade tensions” are hampering progress on reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), UN chief António Guterres told the Forum on Financing for Development on Monday, during what he called “a critical moment” to “accelerate action for sustainable development”. 
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Impact of high debt levels on least developed countries ‘cannot be overstated’, says UN 

14. April 2019 - 1:16
The impact of high levels of debt on development efforts “cannot be overstated”, the head of the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) told a Ministerial Breakfast Meeting on least development countries (LDCs) on Saturday.
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IMF cuts global growth outlook, but predicts pick up later in 2019

9. April 2019 - 21:47
The outlook for global growth is at its lowest since the financial crisis, but expected to pick up in the second half of 2019, the International Monetary Fund reported on Tuesday, so long as “policy missteps that could harm economic activity” are avoided.
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UN chief reaffirms commitment to untying ‘Gordian knot’ of Middle East conflict and instability

6. April 2019 - 17:39
Underlining the “enormous” opportunities for sustainable development and investment in the Middle East, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has reaffirmed the Organization’s deep engagement in a “surge of diplomacy for peace,” to “untie the Gordian knot of conflict and instability.”
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Fight against climate change and poverty will fail without overhaul of global financial system, says major UN report

4. April 2019 - 20:36
A major new UN-led report, involving more than 60 international organizations, warns that a comprehensive overhaul of the world’s financial system is necessary, if governments are to honour commitments to tackle critical issues, such as combatting climate change and eradicating poverty by 2030.
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UN highlights profound implication of population trends on sustainable development

1. April 2019 - 19:57
The United Nations is highlighting the important role that population trends play in promoting sustainable development, during the annual Commission on Population and Development, which began at UN Headquarters in New York on Monday.
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At Arab League Summit, Guterres reaffirms strong link between UN and people of Arab world

31. März 2019 - 14:40
Attending the Summit of the League of Arab States in Tunis, Tunisia, on Sunday, UN Secretary-General António Guterres, recognized the critical importance of the region on the international stage and called for even stronger cooperation between the UN and the Arab States.
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Asia-Pacific showing ‘decisive leadership’ on road to 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, deputy UN chief tells key forum

27. März 2019 - 17:00
Nations across Asia and the Pacific need to take bold action to ensure empowerment, inclusiveness and equality if the region is to realize the ambitious 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a major UN conference has heard.
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‘Negative forces’ at work in DR Congo threaten ‘largely peaceful’ relations across Great Lakes region, says outgoing UN envoy

26. März 2019 - 23:07
The UN’s outgoing Special Envoy for Africa’s Great Lakes region on Tuesday said countries there had made “important steps towards durable peace and stability” in the last 20 years, resulting in a region that is now “largely peaceful”.
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The sun’s impact on Earth and weather celebrated, as planet marks World Meteorological Day

23. März 2019 - 1:00
Against a background of serious warnings against the effects of climate change, World Meteorological Day this year celebrates the crucial role played by the sun in powering all life on Earth, and in driving the weather, ocean currents and the hydrological cycle.
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UN conference agrees better ways for Global South countries to work together on sustainable development

22. März 2019 - 21:48
The Second High-Level UN Conference on South-South Cooperation, known as BAPA+40, concluded on Friday in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a political declaration agreed by more than 160 Member States renewing the global commitment in the promotion and investment in this type of collaboration between countries.
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Education critical to ensure future of forests, and reverse their destruction

21. März 2019 - 21:16
The UN drew attention to the vital role that forests play in addressing some of the world’s greatest environmental challenges on Thursday, and the importance of tackling the issues that threaten them, such as deforestation, and land degradation.
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Idai disaster: Stranded victims still need rescue from heavy rains as UN scales up response

21. März 2019 - 15:54
Dire conditions persist in vast areas of southern Africa affected by Cyclone Idai as heavy rain continues to cause “massive destruction”, the UN said on Thursday, while aid teams scale up efforts to reach those most in need.
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‘Growing alarm’ over Fall Armyworm advance, with cash crops ‘under attack’ across Asia

21. März 2019 - 2:00
The Fall Armyworm pest is continuing to sweep across the globe, having moved eastwards from their native Americas, onto Africa, before arriving in Asia only last summer, where they now threaten to cost farmers from India to Thailand, billions of dollars in lost production. 
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Global South cooperation ‘vital’ to climate change fight and sustainable development UN chief tells historic summit in Buenos Aires

20. März 2019 - 17:33
South-South cooperation is key to the world’s sustainable development and the fight against global warming said the United Nations Secretary-General on Wednesday, as the opening session of the Second UN Conference on South-South Cooperation got underway in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires. 
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UN launches ‘South-South Galaxy’ knowledge-sharing platform in Buenos Aires

19. März 2019 - 21:40
When countries of the Global South forged an historic technical cooperation deal among themselves 40 years ago, digital technology was a thing of the future, but developing nations have come a long way since then.
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What is ‘South-South cooperation’ and why does it matter?

18. März 2019 - 22:24
This week in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, over one thousand people, including high level government delegations and representatives from the private sector and civil society, will gather for the Second High-level United Nations Conference on South-South Cooperation, or BAPA+40.
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